Progress Update – DLive Blockchain Migration

Dear DLivers,

As we approach the migration to the TRON blockchain we want to remind all our users of the upcoming changes.

[Action Required] Lino Login Removal by May 15th 2020

Lino Account Login option will be removed from DLive platforms since Lino blockchain will no longer be supported. All users who registered with Lino Account must add an email address & set a password in the DLive settings so they can continue to log in to DLive.

If you need help in setting your account password please see:  https://help.dlive.tv/hc/en-us/articles/360038932472-Changing-Your-Email-Password

If you do not update your password for DLive account you will be unable to log in after May 14th 2020.

Lino Token Swap by April 15th 2020

The migration to the TRON blockchain is expected to complete on the April 15th, 2020. Following the Cutoff Time, the Lino blockchain will no longer be live, and LINO tokens will no longer be transferable or have any value or utility.

To ensure a smooth transition, DLive users who hold LINO may continue to use their tokens through the Cutoff Time as follows, depending on your jurisdiction.

United States Only

DLive will accept LINO for the purchase of Lemon on the DLive platform. Lemon is a fixed-value platform currency used in DLive and can only be used to make purchases and donations on the DLive platform.

To use your LINO to purchase LEMON, you will need to meet the following requirements:

  • Minimum LINO to convert = 1 LINO
  • 1 LINO = 1 Lemon

Please note that if you are a streamer and would like to utilize the “Get Paid” function on DLive for your Lemons, you will need to meet the minimum requirements for all users of DLive.

  • Verify your email
  • Upload a government ID and be at least 16 years of age
  • Stream on DLive (3/3 days and 8/8 hours)
  • Minimum of 4,250 Lemons

If you will not be utilizing the “Get Paid” function on DLive, you will still be able to donate your Lemons to various content creators on DLive. 

The Lino blockchain will no longer allow you to use LINO to purchase LEMON after the Cutoff Time.

All Other Countries (Excluding United States) 

For DLive users outside the United States, we have partnered with the BTT Foundation to allow you to receive a number of BitTorrent (BTT) Tokens based on the number of LINO tokens you hold.

To participate, you must create an account on Poloniex.com.

  • Minimum LINO to convert = 50 LINO
  • The BTT exchange rate will be based off the BTT market price on Poloniex.com at the time you choose to convert
  • A 3% premium will be granted to LINO holders who participate
  • You must create an account on Poloniex.com to receive BTT
  • Your Lino account will require you to follow certain instructions and agree to a set of terms and conditions

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