Regarding Recent Updates to the Treasure Chest


Dear DLivers,

As many of you know, we released a significant update to the treasure chest last weekend, and we appreciate everyone’s feedback regarding this change.

On DLive, we aim to provide the best tools and environment for streamers to produce quality content for their community. The treasure chest is a tool created to deepen and strengthen the relationship that a streamer has with their community by enabling them to give back to their community easily. This was designed with all of our community members in mind no matter their following size.

However, we DO NOT encourage excessive use of clickbait and view baiting utilizing the treasure chest; this does not promote real community development nor is it what we look for in verified partners. Ultimately, real growth will be only based off the quality of your content.

We are also aware that there are streamers “farming” LINO Points by utilizing passive streams. This is not permitted. If your intention is to farm LINO Points utilizing the treasure chest, your stream will be forced offline and banned immediately. This behavior is strictly prohibited according to our community guidelines.

Effective immediately, the treasure chest algorithm relating to reward distribution has been updated to better reward and differentiate real engagement from spam. As a streamer, you can always moderate your chat. Users who are muted will not be eligible for any reward.


We have more features coming to continue improving the treasure chest for our community. We appreciate your feedback and dedication to the platform and your patience as we work on improvements.

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