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Rocket Launch with DLive!

Enter Destination: Lino Moon
Systems Online…check

Activate launch pad sound suppression system…check
Pineapple Pizza rations packed…check
DLivers close and lock your visors…check
Special Lemon Fuel Supplement…attention required

Mission Briefing

The DLive rocket requires the very special “Lemon Fuel Supplement” in order to complete its mission to the Lino moon.

Starting Monday October 28th, every new day a user logs into the DLive app on your Apple or Android device they will receive Lemons (DLive IDA).  The more lemons we collect, the more fuel we have for this journey.

It’s time to go to the moon DLivers, failure is not an option 🚀🌝

If you do not have the DLive mobile app installed, please see the links below:

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