⚙️ Scheduled Upgrades January-February 2023 ⚙️

Dear DLivers,

We have some upcoming maintenance that will affect the DLive Website and Mobile Applications. The maintenance includes core updates to our services. During this period of maintenance, you may notice certain functions may be unavailable such as Donating, Following, Subscribing etc. Please see the dates below:


📆 Jan 16th to Feb 15th 2023

  • Stage 1: Certain functions (as listed above) will be limited / unavailable. You will notice a message at the top of the DLive website indicating that we are undergoing maintenance.

📆  Feb 12th to Feb 14th 2023

  • Stage 2: During this stage we will display a message to all users announcing that the DLive website will be taken offline for full maintenance on the 15th February.

📆  Feb 22nd 2023

  • Stage 3: The DLive website and apps will not be available. If you visit the website during maintenance you will be redirected to a holding page.


** Keep checking the DLive discord here for the latest updates **



Q: Can I stream through the maintenance?

A: Core maintenance will affect live streams, so you may find your stream may stop / lose connection.

Q: Why can’t you do this and keep the site live?

A: Core maintenance involves major infrastructure changes that can only occur once we’re completely offline.

Q: How long will the site be down on the 22nd Feb 2023?

A: We predict only a few hours, but we will be in Discord to keep everybody up to date.

Q: Why are you doing this, I have a show to produce and my community needs me!

A: We appreciate that this may disrupt your normal streaming times and we’re keeping everything to a complete minimum. During the maintenance hop into our Discord rooms and have a chat with the rest of the DLive community!

Q: Pineapple Pizza

A: Yes

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