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Signorina this is a Touching Story

Shared by DottorHealer

Salve! I’m Dottor Healer or Doc for short, an aspiring writer and trader, but for now a chaotic full time content creator who does a bit of everything but mainly focused on streaming over DLive.

Grab your tiramisù and read me out, because I have for you an Italian Christmas story.
A couple of months later.

And to be fair it is not even about Christmas…

Jokes aside, my first experience with streaming was 4 years ago, as an Italian streamer on Twitch. My content has always been about less known/appreciated games, now improved with some sprinkles of Apex Legends and miniatures painting, but it is still a mix that doesn’t make you grow super fast and so after a quite disappointing period I returned to playing just for myself, occasionally being featured as a colorful character in others’ streams.

Incidentally, I got to know about DLive back in 2019 when my desire for trying again content creation was sneak attacking me, like that mosquito that wakes you up but suddenly disappears as soon as you turn on the light.

And so, the 12th of April I decided to make an account just to explore the site at first, but inevitably started my journey as a DLive streamer. Everything went well for a while as the Italian community was decently sized back then and very active. But, all of the sudden it died out and I ended up in front of a choice: going back to a platform that disappointed me or trying to do this streaming thing in a foreign language.

Aaand surprise, I’m here writing to you! Not gonna lie, it wasn’t all fun and games, I struggled a lot for a lot of reasons, between technical difficulties and not being very proficient with the language the challenge was high and I was quite close to giving up on streaming.

Then toward the end of the year, everything started to find its place: I got accepted for the Affiliation, I was invited in the DliveDoggos, a stream team full of people I adore and I’m still grateful to for actively wanting me in their group and I also started consolidating my way to deal with content creation. I’m still a fairly small streamer by my own but this time I’m not alone anymore. I have in fact a lot of friends I made by streaming here and ready to back me up with shenanigans, hosts and features and I couldn’t be more happy. Another thing I’m grateful for is how easy to earn on this site is. Especially as a person who lost two jobs in a very short period of time being able to pay for the equipment and even for some small whims without grimly touching my savings, is a blessing indeed.

To conclude. DLive has been the best platform for me and my content and I’m all for continuing my career on this site and contributing to its growth; I tried the waters around but nothing is like here; If you allow me to make a comparison, and this is something I really like to say, DLive is similar to Fallout 76. They are both a bit broken, somewhat faulty, but kept together by the love of their communities & staff who can see their real potential and perks despite everything.


Dottor Healer

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