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Story of Our DLive Guardian

Shared by Webster_Games

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Hello and welcome everybody!

My name is Webster_Games, but you can call me Webby.

I’m a former Mixer streamer and as of writing this a Guardian for DLive!

I play bass, learn Dutch and play games on stream with all you beautiful people!

So, that’s the pleasantries out the way, here’s my story!

I started my journey in the world of streaming by doing what all streamers have done at least once; I streamed to Twitch. I went by man names, none of which stuck until one fateful day, a new platform called BEAM came to XBOX. Which spurred me onto finally decide on the title that I have had for years now, and the name you know me by, Webster_Games.


My streaming career as it is now, started when I BEAM renamed to Mixer. I started making friends, doing multi streams and connecting with people, I grew pretty fast-hitting over 250 followers within a month. One of those followers, called Rugby. I watched his streams and became quick friends with him and his chat. One of the many users on his channel and the man who eventually convinced me to come to DLive, SupherByus!

SupherByus convinced me to join DLive on 12/12/2018. I didn’t understand the platform when I first joined, getting lost within the Fanbases. Still, after a lot of help, I learned my way around and slowly but inevitably fell in love with the platform.


I started putting more effort into the platform. Eventually, I stopped streaming to Mixer once I had the resources to make a move.

I joined the discord and found there were tonnes of people talking. Some of them became close friends, some of them left. I saw that some people had a trophy next to their name, which eventually directed me to inquire about the champions quiz. Which is how I met guardian at the time and staff member now, FatHeadedNoob.

At this point, I was around three months into DLive and enjoying the platform. I made plenty of friends, I was helping in tournaments such as the Apex Tournaments and privately messaged the English Community Head Tidy. I messaged this man wanting to know if it was possible to help out more with the platform if there was anything I could to do help. He directed me towards the guardian program, which I applied for on the same day 6 days later, I received the invite to the program!

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Over a year later, I’m still part of the program! I’ve met so many amazing people and made so many friends due to this program. I’ve seen so many people join and leave the program, and some even get promoted to staff.

So much has changed since I joined DLive, people have come, and people have gone. I’m glad I made the decision to move over, and I’m thankful to the friends who have supported me along the way.

To wrap this up, I just want to say thank you to my guardian brothers and sisters. You’re all absolutely amazing, and the effort you’ve put into the program is astounding. I love you all, and thanks for reading my rant!

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