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Summertime Madness Part 2

Dear DLivers,

We’re happy to introduce the Part 2 of Summertime Madness! Same as last time, the campaign is meant to reward the most dedicated streamers and give them an extra incentive while they build their audience. However, in the improved version, we are adding an extra tier of rewards to the campaign so more smaller streamers can be qualified for the rewards!

Everyone who participates and hits the requirements will be rewarded with a different prize each day. The event will be going on until the end of the month, and you can join in at the beginning of every week, so there’s plenty of opportunities for everyone to participate.

All you need to do to enter is go here and register to be a part of it!


Who can participate?
Anyone on the platform can participate; simply enroll, and meet the specified requirements to be rewarded.

What are the requirements?
To participate: simply enroll, and stream for 4 hours a day with an average of 15 concurrent viewers for the entire week.

How do I unlock higher rewards?
If you exceed 30 concurrent viewers for the entire week, you will unlock the higher rewards for that week.

When will I receive my reward?
Rewards will be given out at the end of each week.

How long will this be going on?
At the beginning of each week, Monday, a new week of rewards will start! If you missed the start date, you can complete a partial week and continue into the new week on the following Monday. This will happen every week until the end of July. Please note, that this is in the UTC timezone.

Is there a limit to the total amount of rewards that can be distributed?
Yes, there will be a limit of $5,000 or 416,000 LINO Points per week that the campaign is running.

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