🚊 Streamer Boosting Express 🚊

All aboard!

Does your favorite streamer deserve a spotlight on DLive’s social media? We are excited to introduce:


🚊✨ Streamer Boosting Express ✨🚊


Starting on June 26th, if you donate a NINJAGHINI to your favorite streamer, they can be nominated to received a BOOST on Social Media! Follow the streamer, and you could win LEMONS!


How Does Nominating Work?

  • Donate a Ninjaghini to the streamer you wish to nominate
  • Send a Screenshot of the donation along with the link to the streamer’s DLive channel to THIS TWEET (Must be in this twitter thread to be considered):
  • Your favorite streamer could WIN a Social Media BOOST based off of YOUR donation and nomination!

How Does the Streamer Boost Work?

  • DLive will post YOUR DLive link to our TWITTER Account!
  • Like and Retweet the post to get the promotion out there to the community!
  • If you follow the promoted streamer, Take a SCREENSHOT of your follow and send it in the Twitter thread, along with your DLive Username
  • You could WIN Lemon Rewards for following!


Let’s get ready to BOOST some streamers and show them that DLive Love!

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