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Thanks for joining DLive Happy Hour

Hello DLivers,

I want to start by saying thank you to everyone! The team and I were so excited to be able to host an event for the community after such a successful year. If you have been using DLive for a while now, or a new user, I think we can all agree on 1 thing. DLive is special compared to your conventional platforms. We pride ourselves on being community owned and we are focused on building strong relationships with all of our users. It’s the reason why you will often see our team members chatting with live streamers and why our we are so easily accessible through Discord. We are giving back to the community and our focus will always be you. We realize how important user experience is and that’s why we won’t stop until we have a platform and community you would be proud to invite your friends and family to.

Happy Hour was our biggest and most rewarding event of the year. We said there would be massive rewards to be won, and there was. During the Happy Hour event it was so exciting to see all the live streams, people actively engaging with one another, opening up mega chests, and drawing the power lottery. The DLive community is the most amazing community we have ever witnessed, the way everyone comes together, encourages and supports one another is extraordinary. Metin Redjepi (Head of Community) and myself were honored to be able to bring you live coverage on the official @DLive channel.

I am deeply sorry for the technical difficulties during the first hour of the event, these were caused by unexpected traffic and transaction volume but I am really proud of my team and LINO blockchain team for managing and resolving the issues as efficiently as they did. Unfortunately after we ended our live coverage, we were notified by @Demm that there was an error in power lottery ticket numbers. The winning ticket numbers did not reflect the actual users who had these tickets. The issue was later identified to a database error caused by extending the event by 1 hour. We recognize this was a huge error on our part and I have sent out additional Power Lottery rewards to: @boracay123, @wiqqlypuff, @ByMix26, @kingkg1903 and @Demm. Congratulations!


I’m sure everyone is wondering what the statistics were from Happy Hour. At DLive we are always excited to share information like this with the community because it offers a level of transparency that is not seen on any live streaming platform today. So here it is:

  • 64,875 Daily Active Users for December 22, 2018.
  • 753 live streams were started during Happy Hour.
  • 1,392,666 LINO Points (excluding @dlive) were donated by 8150 users
  • 419,266 LINO Points were delivered to over 10,000 unique users through the treasure box

What an amazing event and an amazing way to end 2018.

What did you think about the event? Do you think DLive should host another Happy Hour? Leave a comment below.


Charles Wayn

Founder & CEO of DLive

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