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The First Week of the New DLive

Hey DLivers,

This is such an exciting time for our team and for the community. I’m so happy that lots of you made the transition with us to the Lino blockchain and I want to welcome all of our new users as well. This is a quick blog to recap the highlights of the last week on the new DLive.

The Migration and Updates

Overall the migration was a success. We didn’t get to launch the new DLive at exactly 10:00 am on Tuesday, September 25th, but it was very entertaining to see all the DLive logos spammed in Discord for over 20 minutes by so many our lovely users.

We have been pushing out mini updates since the migration to the Lino blockchain testnet. These updates did not require an outage so they were done as soon as possible to restore some of the functionality that DLive previously had. Along with these mini updates we enabled features that we were hoping to have done on the migration day, but due to time constraints, we had to prioritize which features to enable right away.

  • The basic Fanbase and live stream chat moderation features have been enabled.
  • Stability improvements have been made to the live streaming infrastructure in the EU region.
  • Get Lino Points & Get Paid functionality built into DLive.TV for those users who signed up thru Lino Wallet.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes have been applied.


DLive is a Community

My goal has always been to build a rewarding and engaging community. DLive was created almost 10 months ago and if you were one of the early adopters of our platform you would know how important community really is. During times of adversity, our amazing community always came together and supported one another. You may not know this but all our current DLive operation team members are from this lovely community. I know that people fear change and that migrating to a different blockchain is a huge leap, but I hope everyone understands that we always have the communities best interests in mind. I hope that everyone will take this opportunity to grow their channels because now is the time. We always speak about bringing live streaming and video to the next level and I’m confident that we are headed down the right path.

If you haven’t already made an introduction post in our Introduce Yourself topic on theย Community Hub, please do as soon as possible. We love getting to know the members of our growing community. Also, we have just published the Community Guidelines for content when using the new DLive and we hope everyone will take part in maintaining our great community. They can be found, here.

Lino Points & Locked Points

We read some funny comments in our Discord during the time of the migration and decided to make a request to the Lino Team to replace Lino Points with Lino Beans. We did a community vote and it was a close one, however, Lino Points won. If you have not yet checked out the introduction to earnings & rewards on the new DLive, please read the guide so you can earn more on the new DLive.

Rewards for Locked Points (LP Reward) Disbursed

The LP Rewards has been disbursed. If you aren’t familiar with this, this is a feature that is built into the Lino blockchain as a way to tie up your LINO but earn rewards at the same time. If you didn’t notice the blockchain takes 9.9% of every gift and distributes it amongst all Locked Points holders. We have seen a lot of users locking their LINO Points to Locked Points, and I am sure that they all have received a good amount of LP Rewards respectively. We would love to create more opportunities for users to earn on top of content creation in the future.

Content Bonus Disbursed

Since it is already 7 days after the migration. Content Bonus has been disbursed as well based on the design of Lino blockchain. Every content creator that received donations in the last week will also receive an additional content bonus from the blockchain. This content bonus is calculated based on the value of gifts that you received in the last week and also the reputation score of donors. From the data showing on theย Lino blockchain tracker, the current reward pool for Content Bonus is up to 650,000 LINO Points. Keep creating your amazing original content and you will receive more than what you expected. Check your earnings tab under your personal channel page. You will find those small surprises that Lino blockchain prepared just for you – our lovely content creators.

Regardless of the blockchain, the DLive team and I are dedicated to building this platform with you. If you have any feedback or feature requests please head over to the Feedback topic, right here on our Community Hub and share your ideas with us. The DLive Android application is back up and running. If you have an Android phone and are looking to download the app, it can be found in the Google Play Store orย here.

A fun little milestone was achieved on Friday, September 28th. Our very first LINO Points redemption was successful.

Best Regards,
Charles Wayn (Kent)

CEO, DLive

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