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The greatest streaming platform I have ever seen

User: AgentBoomy
Channel: https://dlive.tv/agentBoomy

My name is agentBoomy, I started streaming on other platforms in 2016. I grew on those other platforms but it never felt like home. I felt the connections made on these other streaming platforms where shallow and vain. I quickly burned myself out streaming after full time streaming for years. I left unhappy and started a Youtube channel when I discovered steemit and the Dapps. I mainly focused on uploading content to Dtube but I tried Dlive here and there.

Fast forward to 2019 when I re branded my personal brand and started streaming again. I came over to DLive and my Steemit account to find that DLive had moved. Welcome to the birth of the greatest streaming platform I have ever seen. I quickly found my home
when I met some of the most supportive and amazing people ever. When i discovered that my viewers can earn money from just watching my streams I knew this was the place to start bringing all of my streaming friends and connections here.

My greatest DLive moment was getting raided by Alihansapmaz I had no idea who he was or why he did but my channel literally started melting down! Between the follows and donations I couldn’t put into words what was happening. It was at that moment I decided that I someday want to be large enough to drop that kinda DLive love on other people and change their streaming careers.

If your still reading this, truly from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU It means the world to me!

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