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The New Payout Request Dashboard is Now Available

Dear DLivers,

We are excited to announce a new, streamlined interface for payment requests! There has been a lot of time and thought put into this to ensure that it addresses all of the concerns that community members have brought to our attention.

  • The new Payment Request dashboard is built into the DLive website with improved user experience.
  • All users can start to use the new Payment Request dashboard at 5 pm Pacific Time on May 31st.
  • The process has been streamlined to allow easier management of user payment profiles, as well as faster payout requests.
  • Once a payout is requested, you will be able to check the status of each of your payout requests from beginning till end.
  • All of our global partners will be able to receive payment every week; all other users will remain on the biweekly schedule.

We are looking to open up payout support for more countries as soon as possible, you can request your country to be supported using this form. We will be adding support for the most requested countries first while still aiming for universal support as soon as possible.

To better enhance your payout request experience,

Starting at 5 pm Pacific Time, the Lino Account portal will no longer accept the old “Get Paid” request; all requests submitted before 5 pm Pacific time on May 31st will still be processed.

All personal bank information attached to your Lino Account is going to be completely deleted for security purposes, and all users who want to request a payout will need to add their payment profile to the new DLive Payment Request dashboard again.

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