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The New Treasure Chest is Here

Dear DLivers,

We have an exciting announcement: the new treasure chest is here and now available on DLive web and mobile apps!

A Revolutionary Viewers Rewarding System

How does the treasure chest accumulate LINO Points?

  • Each channel has its own treasure chest. Treasure chest accumulates LINO Points based on engagement in that channel during the stream.
  • For Verified Partners and Global Partners, their treasure chest accumulates LINO Points faster by 50% and 100% respectively.

As a streamer, how do I distribute LINO Points from my channel’s treasure chest?

Once the treasure chest has more than 5 LINO Points, the streamer can distribute chest rewards to viewer.

As a viewer, how do I claim the rewards from the treasure chest?

You must be a follower to claim the chest. Once the creator whom you are watching opens the treasure chest. You will receive a popup confirmation. You must claim your reward within 30 seconds of the creator opening the chest; otherwise, it expires.

Besides rewards added by the engagement algorithm, streamers can also add as many LINO Points as they want to the treasure chest.

This function is to address the pain point that most creators struggled to find the best tool to run giveaways and reward their dedicated fans while streaming.

We made these changes to ensure that DLive remains a fair, rewarding place for all users. We are consistently working on improving the treasure chest function, if you have any issues or feedback regarding the new treasure chest, contact us here.

For more information about using the treasure chest, please read this article.
On May 16th, 2019, we have posted a follow-up announcement regarding the new treasure chest. Read more

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