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There is only one way to describe DLive…. FAMILY

Shared by RetroPinup

My name is RetroPinup and I am a former Twitch streamer. I was on the verge of quitting streaming altogether because the platform that I was on wasn’t very supportive and it was becoming an extremely toxic environment very quickly and I didn’t want to associate myself with that kind of platform anymore. As much as I wanted to stream, I didn’t want to stream there anymore, I tried out various other platforms but didn’t find what I was looking for was very close to giving up on the hunt for a good place to land. I was looking for something very specific, being able to make money streaming and not have it be totally dependent on becoming an “affiliate” or “partner,” being an entrepreneur and a self-employed mother for most of my life I was seeing streaming as a way to help promote my business and teach people or have fun creating content doing what I love the most, being creative and gaming, not one or the other. Which I felt like I had to choose whatever gave me the most views in the last place I was, and I didn’t want to have to choose between my passions and inspirations.

I found DLive through Twitter one Saturday morning. My husband was looking at his Twitter feed and saw something about a platform called DLive and I looked it up and thought, wow REAL monetization of stream that is amazing. We set up an account that day and started visiting streamers on the front page, my first positive experience was with xPotato_Queenx and she was so super welcoming and friendly it made me want to keep looking around on Dlive. I liked the feel of her chat and her as a broadcaster, being so talkative and chatting about all the people over on DLive and how amazing the platform is. Later that day we did a test stream later that day and the influx of support was so amazing, it hasn’t let up since, and I have been with the platform for about 3 weeks now.

I love it so much over here on DLive I have officially shut down my affiliate status on Twitch and shut down my main streaming account and haven’t looked back or at any other platform since. I am a weekend caster because I work and go to school during the week and weekends are my only time I have to be able to stream, but the support and love from the community, no wait the DLive FAMILY, has been so amazing. I haven’t ever felt like “not streaming” because I just didn’t want to face the negativity like I did on my old platform. I am actually excited about the weekends and my streams because no matter what I play or what I do or how long I have been gone, DLive has shown me the massive support of their community and feel like the support is always there even though my chat isn’t going crazy, I see all you 15-25 lurkers and I appreciate each and every one of you, THANK YOU for including me in your amazing family.

I have stayed because you hosted a Twitter event and brought your whole community together in a way that no other platform has ever done. At DLive, all the streamers, support staff, verified partners, global partners, guardians and viewers have made me feel like I can be myself and stream without anxiety and have a great time doing what I love, creating content!

There is only one way to describe Dlive…. FAMILY. When I talk about you at DLive I talk about how you’re like my extended family and how we are there for each other no matter what! I mean the blockchain is AWESOME and the Linos make a great perk, but being apart of something like this and feeling like you truly are a part of something amazing and inspiring is the most important aspect for me. It truly isn’t all about the Lino’s for me, it’s about building something great out of something that had potential to be great for a long time, but no one knew how to do it right…. Until DLive came along!

Thank you for allowing me to be apart of your family and be apart of a platform that makes streaming fun again!

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