Update on Past Broadcast (Stream Replays) Policy

Once you have finished your live stream, a VOD/Replay is saved to your DLive profile page.

To view your past broadcasts, visit your live stream page and click “Replays”

How long will DLive keep my past broadcasts for?

Starting 22nd February 2019 past broadcasts will be kept for a finite amount of time.

  • Non Partner VOD Storage = 7 Days
  • Verified Partner VOD Storage = 25 Days
  • Global Partner VOD Storage = 45 Days

Please note:  For some Official channels, we will save keep past broadcasts indefinitely for educational purposes.


Will this affect my Content Bonus?

No.  Only the video file is removed, not the post on the blockchain.


How can I download my past broadcasts?

To download your past broadcast from DLive, please read our guide located at https://help.dlive.tv/en-us/article/how-to-download-your-replays-from-dlive-1w4sxlg/

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