Product Updates

v0.4.0: Platform Updates, Guest Accounts & More


A new round of updates have hit the DLive platform today, such as a DLive watermark automatically embedded in your thumbnails – no more grinding on Photoshop to represent DLive!

You can find a list of updates below.

  • Thumbnails will be compressed automatically.
  • Users will no longer need to add a DLive logo to their thumbnails. A DLive logo will automatically be added.
  • A DLive guest account system has been implemented. You can login using other services that will provide you limited permissions.
  • Removed /#/ from the URL.
  • Video playbacks will start at 480p quality and adjust based on your connection speed.
  • DLive Brand Resources are now publicly available on the website under Help


Here at DLive we reward our content creators without taking a cut from them! The community that we have built together is so amazing and everybody gets along from all corners of the globe. We are very appreciative of you guys who are supporting DLive!

What is your favorite update from the list above and do you have any suggestions? Throw them in the comments below.

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