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v0.7.0: The New DLive is Here!



Welcome to another DLive.io update announcement.

First of all, I wanted to share my thoughts on why this update is so important. I have been brainstorming with the Executive Team and Operations Team these past few months about self-sustainment.

As DLive grows, it’s logical that you may not receive upvotes as frequently as you once did. I want to build a platform on the Steem blockchain that is not solely dependent on upvotes. This does not mean that our Content Management Team will not be curating as much as possible, but I wanted to give our content creators more possibilities to earn rewards, but at the same time, increase interactions.

The purpose of DLive is to create a decentralized platform for content monetization whether you are a live broadcaster, video author or viewer. I want everyone who uses DLive to feel a sense of ownership, and to be proud to be apart of such a great community. It excites me to say that we are now entering a new stage of DLive, creating an engaging and rewarding community. This update is a step in the right direction, but no where near the finish line.

Here are the updates that have been implemented in v0.7.0.


New Features

To work towards the goal of increasing interactions between the broadcasters and viewers we have enabled the following features.


Gifting Feature

Show your appreciation for your favorite broadcaster with a Gift. These gifts are meant to be fun and will change periodically.


Request Feature (Coming Soon)

Have you ever wanted to ask a broadcaster to perform a task? You can soon make requests of the broadcaster. The broadcaster will receive your request and either accept or decline it. An example of a request would be: I did not see an International Dance Day campaign entry from you, I’ve included 2 STEEM in my request to dance live!

Off-Chain Chatroom

In a live broadcasting environment, broadcasters and viewers need to be able to interact in real time. This has been on our list for a long time but we are proud to announce the Off-Chain Chatroom.




Enhanced User Experience

We are always looking for ways to enhance user experience. With version 0.7.0 comes the biggest update we have done to the user interface.

  • Live Streams and Videos will now have their own dedicated page.
  • The viewing page for Live Streams and Videos has been redesigned.
  • The Personal Settings and Settings page has been redesigned.
  • Subscription Feed on DLive.io with a new Subscription Page to view your followed users live streams and videos.
  • Live Notifications: Users following broadcasters will now receive an email notification when a broadcast is started. If you do not want to receive email notifications, this feature can be turned off at any time. (Coming Soon)

The Go Live page has been redesigned with an enhanced feature called the Broadcaster Interaction Dashboard.


Guest Accounts

Guest accounts will now be able to follow users on DLive. They will have their own subscription feed and be able to participate in live broadcasts using the new Off-Chain Chatroom.

DLive Stream Servers

On April 10th we did a soft launch of our DLive Stream Servers. We have taken the feedback provided by the Community to improve this service. We are still implementing features every day to have these servers in stable condition.

DLive Stream Servers are now more tolerant to unstable network connections. If your stream connection has been broken for less than a minute, there will be no need to re-start your broadcast.
The DLive Stream Recording feature has been improved. This feature is still a work in progress so previous broadcasts may be lost.

Transcoding Features are being implemented to improve the viewing experience for those who may not have a stable network connection.

If you have not had the chance to use the DLive Stream Servers, make sure you do on your next broadcast. To switch servers, simply click Switch Encoder in your Go Live Dashboard.


The recommended settings when using the DLive Stream Servers is:

Keyframe Interval: 2 seconds (THIS IS IMPORTANT)
Video Bitrate: 2500 to 2800
Authentication Needed: No
Encoding: Software (x264) or NVENC H.264
Audio Bitrate: 160
Rescale Output: 1280×720
Rate Control: CBR
Enforce Streaming service bitrate limits: Yes
Encoder Preset: Veryfast
Profile: Main
Recommended FPS: 30
When using the recommended settings above, ensure that your upload speed is atleast 3.5Mbps. If the recommended settings do not work, try lowering the settings but always keep the Keyframe Interval at 2.

Miscellaneous Updates


  • Increased thumbnail file size limit from 1MB to 2MB.
  • Increased video upload file size limit from 2GB to 4GB.
  • Increase video quality by 50% under 480P option.
  • Number of watching counter bug has been fixed.
  • If you encounter bugs, please let us know about them. Reporting bugs can be done through the Help Center or via our – Discord Server #help-center channel.

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