Product Updates

v0.7.1: New Request Feature and Bug Fixes

DLive v0.7.1 Update Log

  • Enabled Request Feature
  • Fixed NSFW Filter
  • Mobile Streaming Bug Fixes
  • Miscellaneous Bug Fixes


Request Feature

The request feature that was announced in our update announcement for v0.7.0 is now fully functional in v0.7.1. You now have the ability to send requests to your favorite streamers!

As we mentioned, in our previous update post, you can make requests to live broadcasters that can either be accepted or declined. Each of these requests is bundled with an offering of a reward in either STEEM or SBD with an amount of your choosing.


When a request is made, the offered reward amount is sent to the escrow account, @DLivePay, until the live broadcaster accepts or declines the request.

If the request is accepted, @DLivePay will send the reward amount to the live broadcaster. If the request is declined, @DLivePay will send the reward amount back to the requester.

If a request is made that is neither accepted or declined, @DLivePay will automatically send the amount back to the requester after 30 minutes.

NSFW Filter

The NSFW filter is now fixed. If your content is considered NSFW, we kindly ask that you use the filter. Examples of content that would fall under the NSFW category would be nudity, profanity and violence.

The NSFW filter can be applied when you are starting your live stream or uploading a video. There is a box labelled Age Restriction, if this box is checked it will apply the filter.



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