Product Updates

v0.8.5: Get Lino Points is Available

Update Notes

This update was implemented into production on Monday, October 8, 2018. If you encounter any issues, have feedback or a would like to request a feature visit the Feedback and Bug Report topic and make a post.

LINO Points can be purchased directly on DLive.TV

If you haven’t noticed yet, there is a Get LINO Points button located on the website now. You can get LINO Points in the same increments as the Lino Wallet. 288, 888, 2888 and 7888 LINO Points for $3.67, $11.29, $36.00 and $97.80 USD, respectively.

Built in Gift Animations

The gift animations for Ice Creams, Diamonds and Ninjaghinis have been implemented. A special animation will pop up on the live stream with your name on it.

Delete Replay and Video

You can delete your live stream replays and videos on your channel page.

Follow Notifications

When another DLiver follows you, a notification will show up in your live stream chat, similar to receiving a gift.


You can @mention another user in Fanbase and live stream chat.

Pinned Messages

Pinned messages has been re-enabled in Fanbase.

Top 10 Contributors

There is a down arrow located underneath your top 3 contributors avatars. When you click on it your top 10 contributors will be displayed.

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