Product Updates

v0.9.2: Unlimited Treasure Chests

DLive v0.9.2 was implemented into production on Friday, Novmember 16, 2018.

The DLive infrastructure underwent a major upgrade during the implementation of v0.9.1, because of this upgrade all live streamers are required to regenerate their stream url and keys. Both stream url and key will need to be updated in your broadcasting software. 

Engagement Bonus (Treasure Chest)

Improvements have been made to the Engagement Bonus. Previously you could only open the treasure chest 3 times per 24 hours. It has been changed to unlimited.


Users now have the option to view NSFW (Not Safe For Work) content on the Trending and Newest pages. By default, the ability to view NSFW content is turned off. Turning it on can be done directly on the Trending and Newest pages.

Live Stream Chat

Enhancements have been made to notification alerts in live stream chat.

Credit Card Payment Processing

Enhanced security check and fraud detection during credit card payment processing.

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