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Weekly Community Updates – 23rd May 2019

Thank you everyone who came out to the DLive Community Stream hosted by Tidy, we had an absolute blast!

Chest Update – 22nd May 2019

In the most recent update to the Treasure Chest a number of adjusts were made based on the Community’s feedback, including the following:

  • A maximum cap of points added weekly.
  • What happens to non-distributed LINO points.
  • What happens when no viewers claim the chest.

To learn more about these treasure chest updates, please visit here.
Please keep submitting your feedback on the treasure chest and these recent changes to help us improve it even more with future updates!

DLive Guardian Program

Do you spend a lot of time on DLive, are passionate about the community, and want to become a part of the DLive Team? If so, we invite you to join the DLive Guardian family! The DLive Guardian position is a great place to help guard the community, encourage positivity, and ensure DLive is the best live streaming community in the world, all while supporting the DLive team. The DLive Guardian team is also the first and foremost place we look toward when recruiting for new team members.

Covered in this section of the Community Stream, were the following:

  • What DLive is looking for in Guardians.
  • What the requirements to join the DLive Guardian Program are.
  • What the Guardian Roles are.
  • What the benefits of being a DLive Guardian are.
  • Maintaining your DLive Guardian Role.

To learn more about the DLive Guardian Program, please visit here.


DLive Partner Program Upcoming Changes

In this section, it was announced that in the coming weeks that changes, that are still to be finalized will be coming to the Verified and Global Partner Programs due to the rapid growth that has happened on DLive in recent months.

Some of the changes announced, prior to the Official Release of these new requirements are as follows:

  • If a Verified Partner falls below the Verified Partner requirements, they will lose their Verified Partner status, but, they will keep their Subscribe button.
  • In the circumstances that you lose your Verified Partnership status, once you reach those requirements again, you will be automatically be reinstated as a Verified Partner.

Once more details become apparent, closer to the release time of the new Partnership requirements, and Tidy will cover all changes and answer any questions the community may have, during his weekly Community Stream.


Global Sticker Review

During the Global Sticker Review, Tidy went through the stickers submitted in the #global-sticker-submissions channel on the Official DLive Discord and selected a number of them to be added to the DLive Global sticker.

This weeks selected Global Stickers were the following:


Thank you to JeanArgos for making Snow into these amazing Global Stickers!


Questions & Answers

During the Questions and Answers section of the Community Stream, Tidy answered a large number of questions from the community that were asked in the stream chat throughout the entire stream. To hear his responses, be sure to check out the Community Stream Replay.

This transcript has been written by: Liiquiid 💛

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