Service Guidelines

DLive provides a service that allows users to broadcast and upload content that they have created and wish to share others. In certain circumstances, the service provides creators with an opportunity to earn rewards from their viewers and the TRON blockchain. On DLive, we would like everybody to feel welcome and to be able to call this platform home. These guidelines are applicable to DLive Website, DLive Mobile applications, Community Hub and DLive managed public servers such as DLive Discord and DLive forum. All streams and other content, including account “About” descriptions and comments in “chat,” must follow these guidelines.

DLive’s Guiding Principles

These guiding principles apply to our service and are important to our brand:

  • Cultivate a welcoming, safe, healthy, and fun environment for group interactions.
  • Be respectful and friendly.
  • Encourage and help other community members, especially new users.

If you are unsure about any rules stated in this page, please do not hesitate to contact a member of staff in advance.

DLive’s Reservation of Rights

The guiding principles we articulated above are core to our service and to our brand. We retain the right to remove from the service, or add account restrictions or suspensions, to any users or material that, in our discretion, either contravenes our guiding principles or otherwise is unfavorable to our service or our brand. This applies whether or not user content or behavior violates our guidelines or our terms of service.

1. General Prohibitions

DLive prohibits activities and material (including live streams, videos, profile and comments) that:

  • Are harmful, deceptive, offensive, or illegal.
  • Encourage or promote harmful, deceptive, offensive, or illegal conduct.
  • Violate any of DLive’s terms of service, privacy policy, copyright policy, or other policies.
  • Include sexual content: This includes (but not limited to),
    •   Content depicts sexual activity, actual or simulated
    •   Nude content, this includes genitalia (real or non-real) and nipples (real)
  • Facilitate, encourage, offer, or solicit sexual conduct.
  • Involve use of subterfuge or deception,
  • Invade privacy of private places, communications, or persons.
  • Involve violent threats: This includes (but not limited to),
    • Statement of intent of oneself to commit violent act against another user.
  • Involve bullying and harassment: This includes (but not limited to),
    • Calls for death, self-injury or suicide of another user.
    • Using sexually explicit language towards another user or describing sexualized body parts of another user.
    • Attacks another user through derogatory terms related to sexual activity (for example: whore, slut, cunt)
    • Statements of inferiority about physical appearance (for example: fat, ugly)
    • Comparisons to animals or insects
  • Reveal personal information of others without their consent.
  • Involve spam or unwanted commercial, irrelevant, or repeated communications.
  • Depict, cause, or encourage self harm.
  • Cause or encourage violent conduct.
  • Constitute or encourage hate speech that directly attacks a person or group on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, medical or mental condition, disability, age, sexual orientation, gender, or gender identity.
  • Abuse the infrastructure resources and rewarding system.
  • Manipulate the DLive system or service or use artificial means to solicit or collect likes, followers, or shares.
  • Interfere with normal use of DLive or impair its operations or functions in any way.
  • Attempt to circumvent or evade enforcement of DLive’s terms of service and guidelines, restrictions on access to the service, and detection of improper or illegal behavior. This includes, but is not limited to, the use of another person’s account to evade suspension, termination, or cancellation of service to a person.
  • Collect information regarding other persons for use outside DLive’s services.

2. Copyrighted Materials on DLive

You must not transmit, publicly perform, publicly display, or reproduce copyrighted material of others unless your actions are authorized by the law or the copyright holders. Copyright law is complex, and if you are not expert in it you should consult a lawyer. Copyright infringement on DLive is strictly prohibited.

Complaints of copyright infringement by streamers often involve the following types of activities, so users should be especially careful to obtain permission or qualified legal advice regarding them:

  • Re-broadcasting movies
  • Re-broadcasting television shows and/or TV channels
  • Re-broadcasting sports matches

DLive has a policy of terminating, in appropriate circumstances, subscribers or account holders who are repeat infringers. While DLive cannot remove material that is not stored on its system or network, it expeditiously responds to notifications of claimed infringement regarding material stored on the service or system at the request of a user.

3. Excessive Use of Giveaways / Sweepstakes / DLive Chest

The use of Giveaways / Sweepstakes as a main focus of a subscriber or account holder is prohibited on DLive. Additionally, if you use DLive to communicate or administer giveaways or sweepstakes, you are responsible for the lawful operation of that promotion and must comply with all the many laws and regulations that govern giveaways or sweepstakes. The laws and regulations are complex, and you should retain competent counsel or an experienced promotion management firm to advise you.

In addition, DLive prohibits:

  • Chest advertising in DLive stream titles
  • Chest value on your DLive stream overlay
  • Countdowns to chest opening on your DLive stream overlay

4. Gambling

Gambling on DLive with other users is strictly prohibited. This includes any form of “buy in” from users using Lemon. An example would be: 1 x Diamond = 1 Entry to win xxx (anything with a monetary value).

Whether you may stream gambling games online (eg: Online Poker, Online Blackjack) depends on the laws and regulations of the country you are streaming from or where the stream is received, accessed, or viewed.

5. Username Recycle Policy

Usernames on DLive are provided on a “first come first served” basis. This means that if a username is available, the first person to register that username will have it.

Your username may be changed or account may be suspended without notice if your username draws a complaint about trademark violation; impersonation; or profanity, hate speech, or a racial slur. We may also suspend or terminate your username if your account is inactive (viewing or streaming) for 12 months.

6. “Mature Audience” & “X” Tagged Content Policy

Content on the public listing pages on DLive is PG-13, and mainly for gaming and general entertainment.

Please visit https://go.dlive.tv/content-rating for details regarding how to properly tag your channel.

7. Moderation Within Live Channels

Individual live channels on DLive may have their own rules in addition to the Community Guidelines and their own moderator to enforce them. DLive provides tools to aid moderators, but does not prescribe their usage. Channel owners and moderators are required to moderate the chat at least as strictly as the community guidelines above.

8. Content Labeling

Please ensure you accurately label your content and channel correctly. Extensive misuse of stream Titles, Categories, Language, and channel About section are prohibited. DLive reserves the right to require changes in your stream title in its sole discretion. The following are prohibited in your stream title:

  • Chest information
  • Profanity, hate speech, or racial slurs
  • Trademark violations
  • Brand impersonation
  • Mocking / Impersonation of other content creators
  • Any content that violates our Service Guideline

9. Enforcement

As DLive explained at the outset, it may take any action it considers appropriate to protect the service, to provide a positive environment, and to protect its reputation and its brand.

The DLive Team specifically reserves the right, with or without warning or notice, to:

  • Direct you take appropriate actions for content.
  • Change the content rating to “X”
  • Mute accounts from chat rooms.
  • Remove privileges from, or add restrictions to, accounts.
  • Remove content.
  • Suspend, disable, or terminate accounts.
  • Ban users from DLive.
  • Ban accounts and users who have facilitated violations of Service Guidelines, evasion of enforcement of our Service Guidelines, or other violations of our Terms of Service, including the making available of access to the Service by persons associated with accounts that have been suspended (while they are suspended), terminated, or cancelled.

10. Global Automatic Chat Moderation

Online safety is paramount for DLive platforms and Content Creators. The following rules of global automatic chat moderation are applied to protect the service and its environment.

  • If the account is muted in 4 channels within 24 hours, the user will be temporarily muted in all channels for 24 hours.
  • If the account is muted by 12 channels in total within 15 days, the user will be temporarily muted in all channels for 7 days.
  • If the account is muted by 20 channels in total within 30 days, the user will be muted in all channels permanently.

To report behavior or content that is inconsistent with these Community Guidelines, please contact us. For certain violations, we would require the user being attacked to report by themselves.

Last updated on July 15th, 2023.