Streamer Referral Program

The streamer referral program is now available to ALL DLive community members. Refer your friends, family, and acquaintances onto DLive successfully you will be rewarded based off the below structure.

The requirements for a successful referral

  • Register DLive account via referral link
  • Read and follow the Community Guidelines
  • Stream more than 1 hour for at least 2 times within the 10 day referral period
  • Peak CCU (The highest number of viewers watching stream at the same time) must be over 30 within the 10 day referral period
  • 100+ followers within the 10 day referral period

What are the benefits?

The reward per qualified streamer referral is

2000 LINO points + 50% content bonus match

for a 10 day period on the referred streamers content bonus

All rewards will be paid out to referrers 7 days after the 10th day.

What is the process?

  1. You can receive your personal referral link on the “Streamer Referral” dashboard on DLive Web.
  2. Anyone who registers through your referral link and meets the requirements above will count toward your successful referral.
  3. You will be able to track the progress of your referee.
  4. Once a certain threshold of referrals are reached, the DLive Team will manually screen all referrals and will make the final decision regarding referral validity.

We reserve the right to remove invalid referrals from your account if your referee violates community guidelines and terms of service.

Last updated on Tuesday, April 23rd, 2019.