Live Streaming Requirements




  • Ruoran Sun

    Keyframe Interval: 2 is sooooo hard to find😞where is it?

  • Jimmy

    Let me add a screenshot to the article :D

  • Jimmy

    Ruoran! Does the screenshot help?

  • Jonathan Cuevas

    I don't see it 

  • Jimmy

    Hey Jonathan, are you using OBS as your software?

  • ZaliaArsy
    why does the Stream URL - Stream Key not appear on my live stream?
  • OhioGrownJay

    Having the same problem, steam url and stream key are not showing up at all - does it take a certain amount of time to generate if you just created an account?

  • Jimmy

    OhioGrownJay: You need to enter in your live stream information and upload a thumbnail then click Save before your stream url and key will show up.

  • OhioGrownJay

    Great thank you!

  • Seeejjjiii Tools

    I don't have the stream url and stream key? Why?

  • Jimmy

    Seeejjjiii Tools: Look above for your answer.

  • Thelukaskrycek1

    What is the stream information I need to save on the thumbnail to get the streamkey/url?

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