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  • Cmreklc34


  • Higgly Miggly

    add dark mode

  • thatterrioguy

    make the fanbase icons on the left side of the screen on the home page more organizable, make it so I can drag my favorites to the top of the list, that could be a decent UI with a little more tuning... also unless there is a dark mode, having the text cursor being yellow is too hard to see in a white chat box maybe have a look at that too... just ideas I feel would work better and ideas ive seen around the community, other than that dlives getting better.

  • Victor Rand

    When will the app have a basic search bar and ability to edit and see profiles?

  • Philip Olsson

    It would be nice to be able to play stream with mobile screen closed

  • De fred

    Please add Night Mode.

    I've noticed that on the App there is very bad connection. Other streams like YouTube and Twitch work just fine in the same areas when I'm outside.

    Also when the stream needs to buffer on the App and is back online the chat doesn't continue sometimes and I need to restart the App completely to get it working.

    I have a Huawei P10 Lite.

    Otherwise great site. Thanks.

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