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  • Martin Krischik

    I tried to create an account with Option 1 but that failed as the SMS never arrived. Please spare me questions if I got the number right.

    It seems more like Lino uses an SMS service which can't reach everybody. As such repeat the SteemIt mistake on relying entirely on SMS which is quite error prone. Most importantly: Telephone numbers aren't a live time commodity.

    SwiftDemand did this better by letting the user create the account first and then guide the user through the verification process later.
  • Jimmy

    Hey Martin,

    Thanks for the feedback. I will make sure this message gets to the Lino team. Could you advise which country you are in? I believe I saw a bug report for users located in France.

  • Martin Krischik

    Switzerland and I use UPC Cablecom. 

  • Grupo Restreaming

    same issue, not receiving SMS, I am from US - California


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