The First Week of the New DLive




  • Jimmy

    What an amazing week. 

  • Tidy

    It really has been one of the best weeks in streaming for me.  The new blockchain, the new site, the strong community that believe in DLive... it's been amazing!


  • Mehdi

    It has been amazing to see the community's support and the improvement DLive is showing. An amazing week indeed.

  • Rook81

    An amazing week to remember! I can't thank you and the DLive team enough for providing this platform to us. Every day I look forward to not only streaming but also interacting with other content creators. Thank you again for providing all of us with a home away from home!

  • JcKento

    It's been crazy, and most of us are happily surprised to find this site in such state of polish and usability. Now, personally, I think our highest priority as content creators is to attract bigger audiences to the site and to make sure the content keeps getting better.

    And you guys are the ones allowing us to make this happen. Mad props!

  • Johnny Miller

    This community is amazing!

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