v0.8.5: Get Lino Points is Available




  • Jimmy

    Let us know what you think about the update! Leave your comments below.

  • EricWilson

    Awesome! Love seeing the new features.

    And dont think the references to 2 and 8 don't go unnoticed.

    Luck and prosperity if I recall right ;)


    Edit: I was close.

  • ReAnimateHer 🇨🇦

    That is awesome! Great job all!! Keep up the awesome work!

  • CaliMeatWagon

    Can we PLEASE have a way to turn off donation notifications on stream? 
    I really do not like that we no control over them and the fact that it completely disregards the streamers that already have a set up they are happy with.

  • Cheech

    Thanks for the feedback @cali - We have made developers aware and will get a toggle.

  • Joey Tech Talks

    Too bad I have no one in my Fanbase. I can't mention anyone. I hope that changes soon. :(

  • Rook81

    Awesome work, thank you for continuing to improve the platform with small updates like these. Will be checking out some of the new features tonight.

  • ClasickTV

    Awesome Work as usual! #Improvements

  • the3metrewrap

    Great work Dlive, I think that a dark mode (on and off switch) for Dlive would be nice and keep me from losing my vision by the age of 25.

  • ClasickTV

    @the3metrewrap read the post I did about the Dark Mode, not an official Dlive Dark but def a nice little touch!

  • justsomeppl

    @jimmy how can these features trump the NEEDED features that are missing from Livestream Chat.  "Fan chat" is completely and utterly useless.  No one actually uses it.  Livestream chat is missing ALL chat moderation capabilities that any modern chat will have by default.  They really shouldnt even be considered "Features" at this point since they are so standard.  It would be like saying that a text box is a "feature" of a forum.  There is absolutely NO reason at all that banning and filters are missing from Livestream chats.  My live streams are about 90% spam from others spamming links to other streams, etc.  All easily avoided if filters and banning was possible.  I am just dumbfounded at how such things can go unaddressed.  I am a developer and if I did something this unorthodox for a client,  I'd be out of a job in no time flat.

  • Jimmy


    The moderation features are being worked on as we speak. We are aware of the issue without being able to protect from spam in your own live stream. We ask that you be patient, it's coming very soon.

  • justsomeppl

    @Jimmy is there evidence of this somewhere?  Your reply is literally the first acknowledgement of the issue I've found anywhere.  Like a git repo I could monitor and contribute to?  I'm of the philosophy of,  if it's not being done,  do it yourself :P  Which is why I am also hoping that filters will be dynamic,  in that they are not just static "put a checkbox here" type of thing.  Ability to enter our own keywords/phrases is critical to keeping up with ever changing spams.

  • Jimmy

    There is not, you'll just have to take my word for it on this unfortunately. There is no git repo for DLive. It's not open sourced. 

  • justsomeppl

    @jimmy How long has it been "in the works"?  Was it started about 10 mins ago,  10 days ago?  Like,  is it an almost finished type of thing to expect in the next few days or should I just go back to youtube or twitch for a few months?  Currently I've switched to twitch but would prefer dlive if it had moderation.

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