Introducing The DLive Verified Partner Program




  • Jimmy

    Look forward to seeing everyone build their channels here!

  • Cheech

    Pro tip: Use Twitter, Instagram and other form of social media to promote your channel.

  • STU


  • Jimmy

    Stu... If anyone can do it. It's you.

  • Rook81

    Ok, time to get on some other social media. Lets GO!

  • Danbiohackingman

    Time to reignite my twittering muscles, maybe even bug those people from college I never talk to!

    I think it would be cool to have a physical Dlive badge or black belt purchasable after becoming a verified partner.

    Just a thought!

  • Sir Jaxxy 🎮

    WOW looks like DLive is really trying to be the next YouTube. Right down to catering to their larger channels while leaving the smaller ones stuck in the background!

  • WinD

    It's funny that after Dlive left the steemit blockchain Steem Monsters ended up a huge success and netted me around 800-900 USD in revenue thus far. Despite being a well-known entity in the gaming space; this sort of action is about to have me unlock my 8K Lino and cash out. (cashed out twice for about 100 dollars here to my PayPal... To be honest the rarity of getting anything but 1 lino even with 50 viewers has been pissing me off). I left Twitch for Dlive when it was on the steemit blockchain as it was the "Without the corporate strings attached" platform. I bit my lip and was angry about the lino change but came on over - Closing my Twitch (PARTNERED TWITCH) made sense in regards to Content creation then receiving upvotes from the steemit community and making SBD + SP, right now I realized I shot myself in the foot.

    It's not that I shot myself in the foot - announcements like this are shooting me in the foot. You are crushing Small, Medium and even populated channels in exchange for those who are Partner Verified. This is coming from someone who is a Discord Partner, Youtube Partner and former Twitch Partner. While it's fun to wave around a Discord Partnership it also receives a ton of resentment from others even within my own discord, twitch partners are resented for having content on the front page despite the actual quality of the gameplay and/or personality. 

    Dlive if you are going to go down this route, change the algorithm for the front page. Don't have it swamped with the faces you would expect to see and cram it down any new viewers throat slitting the wrists of every other content creator. 

    Do you guys really think anything through outside of how it will benefit yourself financially? 

  • Johnny Miller

    Hey WinD,  

    I understand your concerns, but I have some questions... 

    1.  What's stopping your viewers from donating, and how can DLive help?  If your viewers aren't donating, why do you feel as if they're likely to subscribe to your channel (which costs 298 LINO points per month)?

    2.  Do you truly believe 100 followers isn't obtainable?  If you have 50 viewers watching your stream and all of those viewers Follow your channel, you're already halfway there.  

    3.  DLive doesn't take a cut of your subscription rewards, so how exactly are we benefiting ourselves financially with the release of the Partnership program? 

    I'm all for constructive criticism and feedback so if you would like to discuss this further please don't hesitate to contact me or even submit a support ticket. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but we truly have our content creators in mind when building this platform.

  • DLive Jynxie

    This has to be the best sub button I've seen vs other platforms! I would like to see a pic of you guys brain storming all this :)

  • Musa Kelek

    Merhaba Adım Musa 27 Yaşındayım.Uzun zamandır sosyal medya ve Dlive tarzı platformlarda videolar çekip yayınlar yapmaktayım. Genel anlamda oyun içerikli videolar bilgilendirme,eğitim tarzı videolar hazırlamaktayım.

    Dlive'de yeniyim. Aranızda olmaktan son derece memnun olduğumu iletmeliyim.

    Buradaki ortam,sıcaklık ve yardımlaşma ruhu beni Dlive'ye dahada cok bağladı. Şuan Kendimce bi başarıya ulaşmış değilim,fakat pes etmek yok.Burada kendimi gösterip.Birilerine Birşeyleri ispatlamak istiyorum. İyiki Aranızdayım!

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