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  • Between 11:30AM CST and 11:50AM CST, I had a disagreeable conversation in #general on your Discord server. Your mods are abusing their privileges. They continuously deleted my messages, regardless of the message content, and in disregard of the fact that I wasn't being offensive or cursing. They banned me from your Discord server for disagreeing with them.

    Please remedy this situation if you want my business. Thanks.

  • DanTheOracle

    after 2 "old" users (on a month old platform) and 1 mod started being aggressive towards your new streamers and guests of that stream, who only came here for that stream and your other new streamers who have been talked into moving here as well because of the #Killstream, talking about how much they didnt want "us" here my comment was "are you sure the site owner is happy with these attacks on us" (i cant remember the exact warning because i was also banned last nite while i was asleep but it was just a polite question) these 3 people just kept railing on the thousands of new members of your site... they were apparently unhappy that there were people with other opinions than theirs and some unknown mod, not the one that first started the shit because i talked to him in DM, ended up just going on a mass banning rampage and even ralph himself got banned from your discord. 

    just unbelievable treatment against the several new hosts who bought THOUSANDS of new users which 99% of your original members were happy to have because they all went from 10-20 watchers to 199-599 that ive seen and their income sky-rocketed.

    i mean if you dont want your new users you should have just said something when we first came, we have all now migrated over to another host who has been far more accommodating to us without this level of bullshit TOS which has only happened because of a tiny percent of SJW's who are salty they were no longer the centre of attention 

    it was fun here while it lasted, maybe if you sort your site out it may be a good backup if other platforms we now use have issues but as it stand a tiny percent of your streamers and your mod staff have turned away thousands of people over fee fees

  • Teh Haxman


  • captainblue

    The point of decentralization is to allow community to moderate its own content. I understand why you don't want to promote some content to the front page and moderate it, but deciding what would constitute as harassment or hatefulness is not up to DLive Team. Community guidelines should be created by the community (or the subcommunity) itself. Making sure that every one is feeling "save" will create an another echo chamber what would include only one way thinking individuals and alienate others. If some individuals feel "threatened" or made uncomfortable by others they can simply ignore them, since this is the Internet and it has no real life consequences. Maybe even provide tools to help avoid communities you don't like instead of removing those communities for wrongthink.  

  • DanTheOracle


    well if they want to enforce this quite literally the tiny percent of people throwing hate at the majority should be the ones who are getting banned as should the mods of the discord who allowed them to throw hate at the majority but unfortunately just like all SJW's do they are only working against the majority to the benefit of the "always triggered" types who they will never please anyway. 

    go look at their twitter announcement of this post, it is 100% against it and all saying basically the same thing, so long and thanks for all the lemons.... 

  • getfucked

    you cant reasonably expect people to flag their streams as nsfw if you dont have a way for viewers to chose to see nsfw flagged streams on their own accord. if someone is offended by the content they have tuned into its up to them to hit the back button and find something else to watch. youre going to get some heat due to the new group that has joined and if you cant take that heat in stride there is no way you can hope to achieve your mission statement. your "guidelines" are extremely vague at best as well as your tos not being available without a download so you cant really say that your are being upfront with a lot of this. if youre going to draw hard lines on whats is and is not acceptable, do it now or dont complain about what unfolds


  • You cannot possibly make everybody feel 'safe'.  You cannot possibly stop 'harassment' because in this day in age simply disagreeing with someone can be warped into 'now I feel unsafe, un-welcomed, and harassed'.  Leave one disagreeable comment somewhere it's usually chalked up as 'trolling'.  People are tired of others deciding for them what they can see, hear, and listen to.  I don't need someone else to decide for me.  If I don't like something, I don't listen or watch.

  • justsomeppl

    This is 100% DLive's fault.  I've been complaining about the lack of LIVE STREAM moderation since the first 10 minutes of it's lifetime.  It was the first thing I noticed missing when I was forced to switch from Steem to Lino.  These complaints went COMPLETELY ignored and it wasnt until today that it's finally been "officially" acknowledged.  Just check their twitter,  you'll see my complaints from weeks ago went UNREPLIED.

    I couldnt give two shits if people are in my stream bitching at people and calling them names.  But what I wont stand for is people coming in and fucking advertising some other bullshit stream (Dlive knows who I am referring to and I refuse to name names as that would give them publicity that I'm not going to provide) in an attempt to take my stream viewers away.  Thats where I draw the fucking line in the sand and move to Twitch.  I wont be back either until moderation tools are COMPLETE and modifyable by ME.  Like they should have been right from the first day.  I cant fathom how this was "missed" before the launch.  You cant launch a forum without a "Reply" Textbox and you SURE AS SHIT cant launch a streaming platform without MODERATION TOOLS.

  • StonedCoin

    Most people only reply to jump on a negative bandwagon....
    Im Here to say Great work so far guys and we're still on test-net. Team continues to listen and respond to the community and features are constantly being implemented.

  • DLive Jynxie

    Agreed. @CK. We are only human but we can coexist with mutual respect. Much love everyone! #DLiveStong

  • StoneCrypto


    I think you're getting the decentralization part all wrong. DLive is a DApp. A decentralized application applying a decentralized cryptocurrency into its live streaming platform which allows it to operate without taking any cuts and also allows the content creator to not be demonetized or have forced on it any type of censorship via demonetization.

    All DApps live in the centralized world and have overhead costs. They are registered under some type of corporate structure and fall under legal jurisdictions of the country they reside in. DLive is doing it's best to bridge the gap of both worlds by providing content creators the maximum earning potential by removing the cuts that players like Twitch, Youtube, and take directly from the content creator which often times exceed 50%! 

    The decentralized part is the currency system (lino blockchain) that is used to fuel the platform and reward content creators. DLive itself requires employees, has an office, needs to pay taxes if it has earnings, and has to be legally compliant in the jurisdiction(s) it operates in.

  • Charles Wayn

    Thank you everyone for addressing your concerns. My operation team and I are conducting a review of recent events, and our dev team is working hard to enhance chat moderation.

    Meanwhile, I hope everyone understands that it has only been one month since DLive migrated over to Lino blockchain as a new DApp. A lot of features mentioned here will be implemented as soon as possible. 

  • justsomeppl

    @charleswayn  I dont think you realize how much trust you lose when you put out products that are devoid of common sense items right from the start.  This isnt like a "feature" that was missing.  These things that are being brought up should NEVER be considered a "feature".  Even the notion of having to do so just shows the ineptness of yourself as well as the development team when it comes to producing a modern streaming platform.  You literally have to be completely brain dead in order to release a streaming platform that has chat capabilities WITHOUT chat moderation capabilities.  You have lost ALL trust from myself and from the sounds of things,  most others also because of this "oversight" if thats what you want to call it in order to do damage control,  but truthfully this can be seen as nothing less than complete ineptitude on Dlive's part.  This is one of those situations where people need to lose their jobs.  I'm a developer and if I had done this,  I'd be cooking rats and taking showers in the river long ago as I wouldnt last 1 day in a real dev shop by over looking something this fundamental.  3 or 4 weeks ago I even asked on a Twitter DM and again publically a week or so ago if I could contribute the features myself if there was a github kicking around.  Of course that also went ignored.


    BTW the "Enhance Chat Moderation" comment is just an insult to our intelligence.  Why?  BECAUSE THERE IS NOTHING TO ENHANCE.  There was literally ZERO chat moderation to begin with.  How can you "Enhance" something that doesnt even exist.  #dumbfounded


    What needs to happen is for a TRUTHFUL explanation of why chat moderation didnt exist from the start.  Something like that doesnt just go "unnoticed".  It was done on purpose,  people have been complaining about it since the first day this Lino crap went live and there is Twitter history of this fact where every comment went UNREPLIED/Un-Acknowledged (self included in these comments as I wrote some of them).  So not only is there a track record of ineptness when it comes to understanding of modern chat platforms,  there is also a track record of completely ignoring complaints which is just as bad if not worse for a centralized company.  And these twitter complaints were logged WEEKS before any of the Killstream non-sense began.  If chat moderation existed from the start,  the killstream garbage would have been able to be easily avoided and they could have run in their own little channel on dlive without bothering others.  It doesnt take a genius to figure this shit out.  It's not rocket science here.  I couldnt give 2 shits about the content of their stream.  But when they fucking ruin MY stream... ya,  thats when I move to Twitch and never return.  As I have done.  And it appears they have also done so by moving to


    Congrats on a major #fail

  • justsomeppl

    Move along Johnny,  nothin to see how now.

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