Thank you to everyone who participated in the Happy Hour event




  • Jimmy

    Amazing event, so glad everyone could make it out! Looking forward to 2019.

  • Datilla

    That was an amazing event, congrats to everyone who won. Keep putting out great content as always. Looking forward for the next event! #2019ToTheMoon

  • Bohemian

    Happy Hour was truly an event to remember. I am looking forward to what 2019 brings - in my opinion, there should be a Happy Hour or similar event every season. Just awesomely happy, Viva DLive!

  • Rook81

    Thank you for having such an amazing event!! DLive has grown so much and it's hard to believe that a year has already passed. Can't thank you and the staff enough for everything that you do for this community. You guys are the real LEGENDS.

  • DLive Jynxie

    It's always Happy Hour when streaming on DLive! But Super Happy Hour was a great way to celebrate the 1st year of DLive! This platform is one of kind with an amazing community that involves all participants more interactively than any other platform on the WWW. To experience, and be a part of such an amazing streaming platform is a rarity for me. #HappyHourForever #DLiveStrong

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