Guess who's here ? Hello DLive community :)



  • Jimmy   

    and Call of Duty Blackout when it comes out next month right?

  • Oğuzhan Konukcu   

    Anlat Anlat Sen Seversin :D

  • Johnny Miller   

    Hosgeldin Emre =P

  • Emre Cubukcu   

    Hosbuldum baba :) @JohnnyMiller, I can play for you :) @Jimmy, Sen de hoşgeldin şenks :D @OguzhanKonukcu

  • umut karakuş   

    Im so excited Emre

  • akcakocagaming   

    Are you ready for Jump Emrecubukcu

  • Datilla   

    eyyyyyy im here too my broooo

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