Where is my uploaded video in DLive




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    Johnny Miller   

    Hey UKBitcoinMaster!  

    Glad to see you've joined us on the new DLive!  Finding your current videos isn't that user friendly admittedly and we're working on an update to address that.  Currently if you navigate to DLive.tv/ukbitcoinmaster and scroll down there is a Videos tab where all of your new and past videos should be located.

    Let me know if you have any issues!


    EDIT: Just saw your response -- Videos are taking a bit to process and be displayed on your Videos tab (estimated: 30m-2h).  We're working on speeding up that function!

  • Jimbi   

    top right click on your icon while on dlive go to my channel and then while on your channel click videos

  • Uk Bitcoin Master   

    Thanks but I've done all that and it's not showing at all.


    I migrated 13 videos in my archive and I still have 13!! The video gave me a confirmation message that it had been successful, so what do I do now as I don't want to do it all again and it finally shows up twice!!!!


  • Uk Bitcoin Master   

    I posted it well over 2 hours ago!!!

    I've also followed your instructions and I can see the videos I migrated (13 in total) but the new one from today is not showing anywhere!!!!!

  • Uk Bitcoin Master   

    Got it!!!

    Wow its just arrived - awesome

    Thanks again


  • Cheech   

    Closing comments - Question answered and problem solved.

    Also welcome to the platform Uk Bitcoin Master, happy to have you here!

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