The 2nd DLive Meetup (Istanbul, Turkey)




  • Rook81   

    Wow, those are some amazing prizes! You guys continue to impress.

  • Cheech   

    How did these prizes get so good, I want in!

  • Jimmy   

    Don't miss out on this competition! 

  • CurtainTwitcher   

    Actually i don't need a ticket or accomodation to go to meetup but Huawei 10 Mate Pro would be great! lol

    I'm in with 4 entries! Good luck DLivers! :)

  • ClasickTV   

    This is an AWESOME Promotion! #JOINED! Would Love to Join you guys for #ROUND2

  • Erdem Özkılıç   

    yes! ^^

  • Rıdvan Ünver   

    How can i learn results ?

  • Trolldentist   

    Yes we are all so curious to see who will be going to Turkey!

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