I would want to ask some questions




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    Hey Nils, thanks for showing interest in DLive - I'll answer your questions.


    1 ) The chatting functionality is almost complete, I cannot give you an ETA but eventually the Fanbase is be similar to Discord in terms of custom channels and such.

    2 ) Any content that is original and created by yourself is fine by me and the team - although you'll be creating a niche community as a majority of gamers dislike hackers.

    3 ) Video uploading works fine on DLive, if you ever encounter a bug please let the team know in the Support function or in Discord.


    Thanks for the questions and hope this could help. 

  • HPlayZ YT   

    Ok Thanks a lot for the fast and awsome reply.

    I loved your support team since i joined the discord server and got to talk with one :D


    All of that sounds awsome to me! I manage a very active and nice community even if some haters do shit sometimes and most creators who make content in that direction arent rly nice at all. My main goal is to give exacly that community a place to talk again since discord terminates all of our servers over and over again. To my content beside of some thumpnails i make all of my videos by myself and even invest a lot of time in cutting them

    I alredy managed to create a nice friendly and helpfull community but platforms like Youtube and discord dosnt fully accept us (The sites themself with the communitys i dont have much broblems since i am just nice to all. I even made legit playing friends while hacking on a server just by talking to them in my opinion if you know how to talk with those people the Gaming community isnt that toxic)

    Like on the discord Thx for the awsome and very fast reply :D <3

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