Content Bonus Rewards vs. Locked Points Rewards




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    Lino Blockchain Team   

    The content bonus rewards are based off a few factors that are listed below.

    The main factor considered in regards to how much content bonus you'll receive per video is how much consumption or donations your content has received in proportion to other content within the same time frame (next 7 days). Other factors that also come into the effect in regards to the content bonus rewards are the reputation score of your donators, reports against your content, and lastly the content value. More information on reputation, reports, and content value will be provided in the whitepaper.
    Locked points rewards, otherwise known as Lino stake rewards (LS Rewards) are described below.
    9.9% of all donations to content creators will be distributed back to the community members who stake their Lino points into the Lino stake mechanism. Lino stake is open to all community members who have created their own Lino wallet. It takes 12 weeks to stake out Lino stake to Lino points completely, during which 1/12 Lino stakes will be staked out to Lino points each week. The amount paid out to LS holders will be determined by how much total consumption (donations) has been received by content creators, and how many LS holders there are currently.
    More consumption leads to more LS rewards. Less LS holders will result in more LS rewards.
  • Robsteady   

    If we start a stake out, does the pending balance count towards staked points or the "outing" amount go into a limbo? Say We have 8000 LS and choose to stake out 5000, does the LS balance act as 3000 staked or as the 3000 remaining plus what hasn't yet been converted of the 5000?

  • Lino Blockchain Team   

    @robsteady - The moment you stake out, the staked out Lino stake will no longer be eligible for rewards.

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