What do you do to make your stream more interactive?




  • Robsteady   

    It may seem pretty obvious to a lot of us, but new streamers (myself included) can start out by just broadcasting gameplay without any mic-over or webcam/camera view of yourself. It makes a HUGE difference for viewers to hear a voice and it does even more to see a face as well. Also, with a camera, make sure you have plenty of lighting so we can actually see you! It almost creeps me out to see a camera, and only be able to make out a silhouette of the streamer!

    Some of the interactive stuff can be difficult for new streamers because watching chat isn't always easy, especially if you only have one screen available, but even using a laptop or tablet or even a phone next to your display (what I do) will at least allow you to see when someone's chatting with you. This way it doesn't seem like you're ignoring viewers.

  • Jimmy   

    I hope we can have some resources on the Community Hub to help newer streamers improve. I couldn't agree more on the voice, I made a post a long time ago talking about live streaming without a mic is like watching a movie but the sound is muted. The webcam does add an extra touch but I don't think it's required like a microphone. 

    How long do you think should a viewer wait for a response? Especially if no one else is in chat? 1 minute? 2 minutes? The attention span of regular people seem to be getting less and less as time goes on.

  • Robsteady   

    @Jimmy, I agree, voice is far more important that a camera. As for time waiting for a response, I usually give it a minute or two depending on what's being played. I may still hang out and watch if there's no engagement as long as I'm interested in what's being played, but I'm more likely to hang out on a game I'm not interested if there's good engagement.

  • Nick Davison   

    @Jimmy I am currently working on an in game overlay that displays current channel viewers and last message / gift received in toast style messages, the messages fade out after x seconds, and disappear altogether while the mouse cursor is inside the message area (preventing misclicks and window focus issues).

    Its currently working with some bugs. Sadly I am having to regex the data from tidylabs chat overlay and viewer count. If it were possible to retrieve viewer count, followers, last message (name & message), and last gift (name and gift) via API through a simple HTTP Get Request, that would be totally awesome. Either directly from DLive or via TidyLabs would be fine.

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