CS:GO Community Event -- October 13th 11AM PDT **Chance to win 100 NINJAGHINIS**




  • Johnny Miller   

    Will anyone be able to dethrone the great, Jim Lin?  =P

  • Jimmy   

    Oh my, that's alot of Ninjaghinis

  • Cheech   

    Exciting stuff, can't wait to see who's going to compete. 

  • SynzreaM   

    nice activity :)

  • LintenHinks   

    Nice  free Ninjaghinis xD 

  • indy8phish   

    I was a headshot machine in CS back in 2005! If anyone is looking for a washed-up 30-year old teammate, sign me up!

  • Sebastien Quesnel   

    Looking for players to join my team for this tournament on Saturday against the DliveTeam, if you want a chance at 100 Ninjaghini’s @ me on the Dlive discord chat names RealSeb there too.

  • STU   

    trash player looking for teammates

  • indy8phish   

    On a serious note - I suppose this would be played on the Americana-side servers...?

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