Simple Dlive widget - Free to use



  • Tidy   

    Awesome work dude!!!!!

  • Bohemian   

    Nice. Thank you, @MRO

  • Mr.o   

    Glad you like Bohemian !!

  • CryptoTrippin (StonedCoin)   

    pretty cool!  Nice work and thank you

  • Rook81   

    Thanks for your work man. Using this in my streams

  • Mehdi   

    Nice Mr. O, give us some more lol

  • Cheech   

    Yeah I agree with Medhi, we need more bro ahah that was really good

  • Mr.o   

    LOL i'm working on it 

  • SomPitonov   

    Thank you @Mro!

  • Mr.o   

    Glad you like Sompitonov.

  • Ahmet Kürşat Akgün (Abigor)   

    Oh my damn it is so cool thank you bruh!

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