What have you done recently for the growth of your channel?



  • Cheech   

    What I've done to promote DLive and my channel is engage with other users on Twitter including following Twitch streamers and letting them know of the potential that DLive has.

  • Tidy   

    Spreading awareness of DLive is a piece of cake based on the amount of revenue I see a lot of our streamers are receiving. 

    Compare this to channels of a similar size (or even LARGER) on main stream sites, earnings are so much higher on DLive.

    For me personally though:

    • Talking about DLive in my own Discord ✅
    • Informing other Mixer Partners and Streamers of the huge benefits streaming on DLive has ✅
    • Graphics on my own stream and chat bot commands to encourage questions about DLive ✅




  • Joseph Sheets   

    I've Played Games and met with twitch streamers and randoms and told them how far and big the potential Dlive can give to the streamer and the watcher. I just started yesterday I was overwhelmed by the welcome and the amazing community and would like to further it's potential by spreading it

  • Trolldentist   

    Good morning DLivers,

    Jimmy has posed us with two great questions today.

    What have you been doing to promote yourself outside of DLive? 

    What successes have you had so far?

    I have been doing a couple of things to promote myself outside of DLive.   Any game I play I put DLive.TV_TrollDentist as my name.  The pure amount of free impressions (whether it be with teammates or the kill feed) this achieves directly to people playing video games/streamers is awesome.  Secondly anytime I'm out and about I constantly spread the word about DLive to friends, people at the bar, sporting events and so on.

    Another thing that I try to do is once a week I work on my stream.  Whether that be fine tuning it, changing up music playlist, making a new scene or just overall improving my entertainment value. 

    In regards to the success; I believe it has immensely helped and will only continue to do so.  I have gone from 30 followers to over 80 in the past 8 days since I changed my gamer-tags. 


    I can't thank DLive enough for providing with this amazing platform, with constant updates and they actually listen to our feedback.





  • Rorifett   

    I have been waxing lyrical about DLive and the potential we have here, partially for the financial side of things but more-so because everyone can come and be invested in the community. 

    Having started my streaming life on Mixer I know a lot of people were drawn there for the community and family feel, now we've moved to Lino and away from the 2-week delay for sign-up I've been able to convince a whole host of streamers to check out the site and start streaming here. This has helped me grow my channel slightly, but more importantly, it's helped grow the site's userbase. Being active in the official Discord has helped me solidify relationships with other streamers on the site and helped expand my DLive family that way too. I am working on a better infographic and explanatory guidelines regarding the payouts with donations, staked interest, and content bonus and will continue to learn as much as I can so I can be a go-to for anyone seeking help.

    If I didn't have a wide network of friends through my time at Mixer I would be looking to carry on with other social media I do, regularly engaging on the likes of Twitter regarding DLive, I retweet and comment on the promotional material the site puts out for CS:GO tournaments, the Turkey competition and push promotion of Lino comments regarding DLive as well. 

    I've also been very open about my earnings on the site, I have done a live-stream to multiple sites showing a breakdown of my earnings to date and will release an edited version of this to again help promote the site. People are obviously wary of anything that is too good to be true so I make sure and engage out of the public eye with everyone who has a query too.

    Beyond social media exposure and discussion, I've also branded my streams (with thanks to the team and streamers who have all put forward creations!) with DLive assets, social media names have been updated to show DLive.tv on all posts on Twitter and my Xbox bio directs people to my channel. More site-specific content (gifs, intros, highlights etc) will be created and released on social media, along with more financial highlights regarding the streams here, it won't be long before even more heads are turned and brought round to try things out.

  • Robsteady   

    To be perfectly honest, I'm horrible at marketing myself. I don't really do very much to reach out to folks outside of Dlive simply because I'm lazy about it, but I make a twitter announcement for any time I got live (except the last two as I was experimenting with a multistream setup) in hopes the Dlive account tag will help with exposure.

    As far as channel growth, I also don't really worry a whole lot about my follower number, but as a way of trying to get my name out and about I will visit other streamers as often as I can. We're still a VERY new platform and I'd love to be able to help encourage now oboards as much as possible! As has been said, we're creating a community of friends and I know that if we all work towards that end we will all do well.

  • ItsW0LVEN   

    I am extremely new to the site so in terms on marketing, I haven't done as much as some older users here but with time that would change. I've already gone to tweeting out about Dlive and promoting any streams I do off here (well, the 2 I've done anyways ^_^). If I can get my feet off the ground, I tend to go all out on promotional stuff like changing social media links/designs and changing gamertags. Want to establish myself a tad on here before I spam most of my followers though, they are already fed up with me giving newer sites a chance in the past XD I'm sure it will happen though, don't doubt it.

    Growth wise, I've literally only just started so I have had any huge growth which is expected. XD So any tips are more than welcome. Already met some friendly people which is a great sign. Looking forward to meeting more of you ^_^

  • Sunman   

    I don't market stuff, and pretty much fuck social media, natural growth is best growth, but in terms of dlive itself it needs work, it needs initiate from its workers. the same streamers are being priviliged in the age old pyramid system so far. No better than a copy of twitch atm and so i don't rly do much work anymore, no fancy thumbnails till some change is made. no cam till some change is made. for all i care in order to have my cam on i'll be a cam ***** a ninjaghini a day makes my cam stay on each day.

    Looking forward to see change.

  • umut karakuş   

    Hi Jimmy,

    Everytime i share my stream social media and i give little bit gift my tribe :D 

    now i have 94 followers <3 we'r gonna be big tribe :D :D 

    i think u must follow me too :D :D :D 

    love <3

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