Looking for feedback on Fanbase



  • Tidy   

    Hi Jimmy,


    I would love to see inline images (paste an image into the fanbase), and also clickable links :D

  • Jimmy   

    Lethal Toast,

    All great ideas. Those are definitely things we need and I would say those are required for a regular chatting application. What I'm interested in are ideas to really elevate Fanbase. I'll give an example: Fanbase having built in functionality to hold a giveaway. 

    We need ideas that will separate Fanbase from a Discord or a Slack.

  • Robsteady   

    I don't use my fanbase very much (like I've said before, I'm kinda lousy at marketing myself) but based on other suggestions here, I could almost imagine it being similar to a user's wall on facebook. Maybe have where users can post content relative to the fanbase's owner and the owner could pin items and vote/donate Lino to the posts within the fanbase. Something like this could probably even house stuff like giveaways or polls.

  • Tidy   

    I think next level stuff would be maybe built in competitions.  Where users in your fanbase can all add LINO into the fanbase pool... then a winner is chosen... sort of like a mini game but within fanbase and your community?

  • Articwolf   

    I have a few ideas
    An interactive calander so you can set and update so your fan base can see what's on for the month. I.E if you do a charity stream or something.
    -maybe a merch store built in
    It's your home page so it should have everything, as I found certain sites you have to look all over for stuff or put links here there and every were to push ppl in the right direct.

  • G Dante   

    It's hard to say because, most people don't have no one in there fanbase. Or have few, I would say right now a bot. That tells the people in the fanbase when the person has gone live, and can be programed to post other things.

  • Rorifett   

    Is native chat channels too much to ask for? Or the ability to have cross stream and fanbase chat integrated in case someone can't watch live they can still go to your fanbase and join in with the text?
    The ability to add timed messages, clickable links, images, would all be appreciated.

    I definitely feel like some live stream/video upload and fanbase interaction is required though to link the two more seamlessly.

  • splitdabiscuit   

    good or bad an idea is an idea What about some kind of mini games. 

  • Jimmy   

    splitdabiscuit, can you give an example of a mini game? Sounds interesting.

  • splitdabiscuit   

    there are many website game's out there.  Like 8 ball pool, poker an a lot more. take a look i'm not sure this is something dlive needs or wants but it's an idea https://www.miniclip.com/games/genre-6/top-10/en/ 

    for me i would 100% have a game of poker or two why a stream goes afk for 5 mins for what ever reason there afk.

  • Joystreamer   

    I don't really use fanbase too much but I really think one way to get people involved is similar to the twitch concept. Which is cheers or such. I know we have already implemented that but I think a reward system, or some mini games as mentioned above.

    I think more rewards for Fan-base would make the whole thing more interactive. I understand simply asking for more rewards isn't a good idea, but maybe something like badges, or something special for the longer a person has been in fanbase? 

    I think it's a good concept but needs to be expanded a bit 

  • splitdabiscuit   

    What do you think of fan base slot's games poker casino kind of thing Lino to play games. lino to be won/loss'd fan base owner make's a bit rest goes back to dlive to help with support. or something along them line's. once again just an idea

  • Charles Wayn   

    Thanks everyone who contributed to this thread, we will seriously consider each suggestion and add it to our roadmap!

  • Rorifett   

    Just thought of a new thing, Spotify integration, so you can either see what is playing or listen in, I know Discord has this but often people have asked what I'm playing, be good to direct them to my fanbase to see in realtime. Also a 'Now Live / Uptime' pinned post that updates when the fanbase owner goes live. 

  • WinD   

    If not spotify, perhaps at least LAST.FM as it is a far easier API to integrate for dlive. It will show was the streamers are listening too, what they usually listen to and give the viewers an idea of the content creators musical taste. In my life bonding over music has always been one of the easiest ways to make friends. :). 

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