Stream not loading in Brazil




  • Jimmy   

    Hey Xavier,

    I'll have someone take a look at this. Could you advise which ISP you have?

  • Xavier Bit   

    Hello Jimmy!

    I tried over two landline providers and one cellphone provider.

    The landline providers are CPNet and CaririWeb and the cellphone provider is Vivo.

    As they are all blocked on every platform (Android Browsers, App - PC Browsers) I have, I am quite sure that DLive is blocking Brazilian users.

    You can check my IP block for Geo IP confirmation.

  • Jimmy   

    Hey Xavier,

    This problem should be resolved now. Please let me know if DLive.TV works for you.

  • Xavier Bit   

    Hello Jimmy,

    Yes... it works!

    Thanks so much for your help, well done! What a nice present for the week-end :)


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