What features would you like to see on DLive / TidyLabs



  • SomPitonov   

    Hello, @Tidy! At first I say thank you for Tidylabs, it's amazing!

    My wish: Doing at the top (up) of my profile I can upload any picture. Like on YouTube channel. This picture will be visible to all users who will go to my channel. Channel will be more individual and have style. I think that important features, at least for me

  • Uriel   

    Hello @Tidy! I'd like to start by thanking you for Tidylabs. Great job.

    Here is the list of features that we ( me and my twitch followers) want to see on tidylabs.


    1- There must be password instead of tidylabs key.

    2- There must be Drop&Upload button instead of giving imgur or sound link. ( i mean alertbox)

    3- There must be more customization options like streamlabs, those guys did in perfect. So you can.



  • Cheech   

    Definitely a way to upload images and sounds to Tidylabs!

  • Tidy   

    I will be looking at adding the ability to upload sounds and graphics.  Obviously there are so many free hosts out there that I feel its not an urgent thing, but it would add to an overall better user experience.

    We would need to limit the size of the graphics and sounds which may cause issues, but I will definitely add this to the TidyLabs feature requests :)

    Username and password is something that I will not be doing, and will more than likely have a login with LINO just to verify your identity - this is out in the future though so for now, keep those keys safe!


  • CutiePetutie🎀   

    Hey Tidy! I've noticed there aren't time stamps in the live chats? If there was a way to add that, I feel it would be helpful for some to know what messages are new and old :) 

  • Jacob   

    Hello, I suggest the chest get one click per 5 mins 

    the rate same to be 1-3 per min I thought maybe make it 5-15 per 5 mins or 10-30 per 10 mins

  • Tripeezy   

    Lettering animation for example when someone follows allow it to have wiggle effects or bounce or something? Not a major request just something that came to my mind. Keep up the great work tidy!

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