Help us choose the next DLive ESports game!



  • Rorifett   

    Rocket league!! 😂 😂

  • Jimmy   

    Better toss that suggestion in other :D

  • Rorifett   

    Aw if rocket league wasn't a total nightmare to do a tournament of I'd properly suggest it, shooters are much not manageable ☺️

  • Jimmy   

    Yeah that was my 2nd question... toss it up anyways if that is something you prefer. We can always figure something out for future events.

  • EricWilson   

    Call of Duty!
    Cross-Platform wont be great for the purpose of what you are trying to do, I get it,

    But I am terrible at Fortnite! Maybe Tegan could participate in that.

  • Tidy   

    I think we need a return of the Loot Goblins!

  • SomPitonov   

    dota 2 maybe?

  • Daniel Gorton   

    Rainbow Six Siege could be decent :P


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