Free COUNTDOWN Timer!!!



  • Cheech   

    This is cool, never knew that's how it was done. 

  • Bohemian   

    Ooooohh, yeah! Christmas came early this year. THANK YOU, Articwolf. I will give it a try today. 

  • Bohemian   

    Just tested it (white background ver) on XSplit, it works wonderfully - I can even adjust the time so it would count backward from any time before ten mins. Super!

    Suggestion: Why not make a version that can count backward from 30:00 or even 59:59 so it would be more versatile for users - just an idea.

    Thank you for your hard work, Articwolf. 


  • Rook81   

    Thanks Articwolf! I've been thinking about using a timer at the start of my stream

  • Articwolf   

    All very welcome also works in xsplit

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