Why you hosting Antisemitism and racism on your Page ?



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    DLive Team   

    Thanks for showing concern, we have recently revamped our Community Guidelines that need to be followed on the platform.


    Locking this thread, if you have any more concerns please submit a support ticket.

  • Francis Merde   

    Edit: Just in case this isn't apparent, I neither work at or am affiliated with DLive in any capacity.  The following is just my personal opinion.

    Ok, I'll respond to this.  Make a snack because this response is going to be long.  First of all, most hosting platforms are protected by something called "safe harbor" wherein as long as they don't play favorites on their platform it is the users themselves that are responsible for what they say and the platform has no liability for it.  By contrast, YouTube using machine-learning algorithms to convert speech-to-text and ban streams based on the use of certain words and phrases is moving them dangerously close to being a "publisher" wherein the platform is responsible for anything said on it (and if this happens YouTube will probably be sued into the dirt by an avalanche of disgruntled current and ex-users).  Furthermore, hate speech is a nebulous term and unless you're talking about actual incitement to violence (which is a crime) you don't have a leg to stand on.

    For instance, saying "I hate group X" where group X can be whatever you want, and edgelords saying edgy things for the sake of being edgy doesn't cut it, because opinions and satire are generally protected, whereas saying something like "I'm going to kill you" or "I want people to go out and kill group X in the name of cause Y" are clear examples of personal and terroristic threats, and are not protected.

    That's the legal side.  Now I'll argue on principle.  De-platforming those people with opinions you don't like, doesn't make those opinions vanish and only exacerbates the chance that if someone becomes devoid of a peaceful outlet for their frustrations, then said frustrations will become violent.  You also risk making said person a martyr.  Furthermore, if you're so sure that your ideological opponents are wrong, then let them talk and it will be apparent soon enough.  I have no problems with someone like say Richard Spencer spewing his drivel, because it often begins with something along the lines of "after the fall of America..." which might as well be "long after I'm dead in the land of make-believe..." and proceeds to bitching about the Immigration Act of 1965 while giving no forward solution to the here-and-now of 2018, or in Jared Taylor asserting that ethnic enclaves will emerge via self-assembly, because freedom of movement is a two-way street and unless he is proposing using the monopoly of state power to force that state of affairs (which would go over about as well in a free society as wiping your ass with a piece of 10 grit sandpaper) IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN.  I could go on and on picking apart their arguments, but at least I'm not afraid to engage with them.

    But maybe you don't want to deal with it.  Well, guess what?  You don't have to.  Click on something else.  This isn't Clockwork Orange where you're strapped into a chair with your eyelids held open, while being forced to watch something against your will.  I assume you're an adult, so act like one.  Once you start banning extreme positions, the person standing right next to the extreme position then becomes the extreme position.  Then someone else will call for them to be censored, and the cycle will continue until previously milquetoast positions are banned.  I'd rather have my most vehement ideological opponent be given a say than not, because in standing up for their right to speak I stand up for my own.

  • John Schmidt   

    Are you a official person ? of this site 

  • Melanin Farmer   

    Go prep your wifes bull (((John))).. Ralph is a gud boi and he dindu nuffin. 

  • mim heijn   

    Looks like Dlive has decided to listen to this barely literate "John Schmidt"

    So long, and thanks for all the fish.


    John Schmidt, don't pretend you've been a long time member. At least be honest when you have criticism.

    The article you linked was written by the daughter of parents that were convicted of meddling with cancer drugs, and now their daughter got $26000 dollar pulled from a kid cancer charity.


    And let's be honest, wall street journal is attacking youtube in a death by thousand cuts with this. Now they've set precedence and they'll slowly whittle away at youtube, because youtube is competition for advertising dollars to other media companies. But if they force youtube to sanitize and loses free speech (as they have) then it weakens youtube position. This is actually good for a place like dlive, because it gives a fighting chance and a unique advantage.

  • Sky Crossbones   

    Interesting, when a platform like YouTube or twitch makes rules to ban people for political speech, it’s all okay. But if a platform like ComCast decides it doesn’t want “NetNeurality” then that’s not okay.
    We can kick “Nazis” from our restaurants but we can’t kick “Blacks or Gays” from our bakery. We can’t let Nazis speak but it’s okay to let Communists, and Wahabi Islamists to speak.
    I am okay with either one, just pick one. Do we ban ALL offensive things? Including the ones I find offensive, or do we let loose?
    I want to let loose. Freedom is a better choice than book burnings.

  • Elle Noelle   

    A better question is DLive why are you allowing people to post on your boards that wish to restrict speech and clearly want to do harm to your growing platform? Well, that's the question I would ask if I were a small, pathetic cryhard like you, but I'm not, so continue to make a fool of yourself "John."

    "John" your tribe is cancer. You lost. You will continue to lose, and there's a good reason behind it. You have taken words, that most tended to shy away from, and turned them into comedy. For most, the stuff that's being said is thrown out sheerly to earn a cheek clinch from people just like you. Its effective 10000% of the time. Its amazing & it feels fantastic.

    The more you cry, the more we laugh. The more you try to police our language, the more we say the things that trigger your crippling adolescent anxiety. The more its said, the quicker the rate of desensitization in the population. You're being trolled out of existence and you're too stupid to realize it.

    Maybe no one has told you, but the social tide is turning, and its not in your favor. You're dry humping a sinking ship, and you'll spend the rest of your life picking out the splinters.

    When 1 door closes, another opens. DLive congrats on the new opportunities before you. We all wish you well.

    148 gang gang 😘


  • John Schmidt   

    Thanks for show what a tpxic grommed bunch of trolls you guys are.  Lets See how long Ralph gonna stream his racist shit show here. 

  • Infinite Jest   

    Quick hide,🙈 run for cover, muh incoming hate speech🙉screeching..... Nazis, Nazis, everywhere oh my🙊 Please, just get over it, & let trolls be trolls just grow a sense of humor ffs

  • Mister Problematic   

    I wonder, which one of the Skepitcs™ are you? 

    I do like how everyone else responded with substance and your response is "DURP racism!!!"

  • Fuego Cockburn   

    Isn't your sides argument that Youtube is a private company and they don't have to house us? So when we go somewhere else that allows FREE SPEECH you follow us and then try and get us kicked off again? We aren't even bothering you. Go back to Jewtube and enjoy your time there.

    Or in other terms how about you fuck the hell off and mind your business. You are a worthless piece of shit that will never amount to anything. You are not a hero, you are not a warrior. You are loser.

    Also it's disgusting that you are threatening Dlive with 'BAD PR' We are not going to stand down. Dlive should ban your ass and spit in your fucking faggot face.

    Free Speech is ALL SPEECH. Free Speech is speech that allows me to call you a faggot loser.



  • David Monchen   

    Ralph is right leaning and arguably a nationalist, but to claim he is a Nazi or a bigot just goes to show how little you know of the man. 

    His show was a free speech platform where anyone, regardless of where on the political spectrum their beliefs fell were able to voice them. Yes this occasionally included holocaust deniers, white nationalists and what someone like you might consider to be pretty extreme positions.but that doesn't mean the man himself advocates for any of those things, nor was it the purpose of his show to promote those ideas. 

    At the very worst Ralph is guilty of making some edgy jokes and occasionally reading donations that were racially charged (which he was paid to do by his user base).

    Why is advocacy for communism not held to the same standards by the MSM and social media platforms?

  • Zane Ashford   

    Ok Tilly Law always trying to keep a black man down aren't you.

  • Trace On   

    Hahaha you calling it a racist shitshow. Why are you so salty?? You got BTFO’d hard as fuck in these posts. Go back to tumbler you SJW cuck

  • TheOttomatic91   

    Sir please go back to your echo chamber and enjoy yourself whilst watching your wife, mother and your entire race of hideously grotesque SJW's get fucked both literally by and figuratively the Jews and the Blacks. 

  • Youtbepolice640   

    John Schmidt aka Kraut the king of gay ops.

  • Black Sun   

    Ralph makes edgy jokes for comedic effect. This should be expected of people when there's such a vitriolic war of speech nowadays.

    This is just like how during the alcohol prohibition in America, crime skyrocketed and people found ways to drink illegaly and started drinking more than ever before.

    Kraut, you're a fool for not seeing this coming.

  • iknitsoidontkill3   

    Kraut, err I mean John,

    You reside in a country where your government is on call 24/7 ready to arrest anyone who dissents from the government's approved online & offline speech, so you're all snuggly safe from any political ideas that scare you. Americans who have a strong attachment to free speech & an UNPC sense of humor have no desire to come to your country & change it, nor do we have any desire to force you to succumb to our personal political views. We respect your personal and your country's sovereignty. Why won't you respect ours? Why can't we live and let live. 

    For us, it's not at all about the topic of the speech, it's that we see the frog starting to boil, and we want to turn off the stove before it's too late...if it's not too late already..

    THANK YOU DLIVE for keeping hope alive! We will remember this & support you.

    Please don't succumb to the book burning mob that will undoubtedly be coming soon. Thank you for being brave enough to stand up for the God given principle of allowing humanity the respect of freedom of thought and expression. 


    It is not violent nor hateful to want to speak freely and enjoy "offensive" humor.

  • Mister Problematic   

    Slackademics, plz respond. 

  • bonkbonk   

    I'm all in. Ice cream and Ninjaghinis all day every day.

    148 gang gang

  • John Schmidt   

    148 gang gang soon offline again.... btw can i watch the killstream on youtube ? .... no i cant ... get fucked

  • bonkbonk   

    The killstream will never go away unless Ralph decides it does. Mark my words. We have the money and we have the will to survive. Like roaches. With money.

  • John Schmidt   

    @bonkbonk  well i guess the whole roaches is right... But if this plattfrom wants to switch from gaming to promoting alt right and nazis content. well then good for them.... We all know how it endet for  Gab and Co.

  • bonkbonk   

    Oh you mean https://gab.com huh?

    Looks like it ended just fine for them. Censoring ass NPC nazi calling mothafucka

  • Red Knuckles (Knuckles Knows De Wey)   
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    Registrar: Epik, Inc.
  • john smith   

    Hi @JakobOL1979 yeah your grammar is just as bad on twitter. See you've gone running to Jared Holt like the slimy moron you are. 

  • Sabal   

    Dear John,
    I've found someone else. I'm sorry it has to end this way. You've been away fighting this war against e-nazis and I really needed some D. Some DLive! You can lick D'sNuts over over on kikepipe with your safespace curated tranny story time videos. (148×10)+8 gang gang nibba!

  • Elle Noelle   

    See what I mean "John"? You just make this so damn easy. Mmmmm....REEEEEE for me baby.

  • Paul Kersey   

    Kraut And Tea at it again. By the way Kraut and Tea aka (John Schmidt )    is a German who lives in Bavaria and is very anti Jew. So it makes no sense he is crying about antisemitism 


  • Bench Apiro   

    Kraut why did you choose John Schmidt as your username, was Joseph Lancaster already taken?

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