[FREE] DLIVE Branded Stinger Transition!



  • Jimmy   

    Looks great! I know that map... :P

  • Rorifett   

    Looking good Toast, cheers for your support to the community!

  • Cheech   

    Looks awesome!

  • Lethal Toast   

    Thank you Jimmy, Rori and Cheech! I'll be updating the post with a NEW transition file tonight (7PM GMT). Preview added!

  • CryptoTrippin (StonedCoin)   

    this new one looks dope!


  • Lethal Toast   

    Yo thanks stonedCoin! I appreciate you very much!

  • Mr.o   

    Looks great! Nice job Toast

  • Mehdi   

    Nice work man! Toasting it to perfection!

  • Greed   

    *Stands up and claps*

  • reecer   

    New to the community.  Thanks so much for this stinger!

  • Lethal Toast   

    Thank you very much to everyone! I hope you enjoy them all.

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