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  • Robsteady   

    As I said, beautiful human being! ;-) Thanks again for the awesome work.

  • Lethal Toast   

    Thanks Rob! Any time dude, I'm glad any of my work can come in handy :D

  • LintenHinks   

    Awesome work dude

  • Lethal Toast   

    Danke schön Linten! I appreciate it. If you have any suggestions for other graphics I can make, let me know either on Discord, Twitter, my fanbase or even right here in this thread.

    Thanks again!

  • Khalil Muza   


  • Rook81   

    Thank you for this Lethal! I love your work man

  • Lethal Toast   

    I hope you enjoy Khalil! Thanks so much Rook. Hope it serves a purpose. Right side anims have now been added to the post. <3

  • Rorifett   

    Thanks for all your efforts Toast buddy! 

  • Casshern Live   

    nice ill use this, thanks for the work pal :) 

  • CryptoTrippin (StonedCoin)   

    you the man toasty!  TY


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