CS:GO #NinjaghiniDM Event Sunday December 2nd @ 13:00 PST




  • Johnny Miller   

    Jimmy has been training for this moment his entire life! =P

  • Sebastien Quesnel   

    So ready for this, I'll be rich...if you let me start with an auto and you guys only get glocks.

  • Jimmy   

    Seb, it will be FFA CS:GO DM. You can use whatever gun you want :P

  • SomPitonov   

    WOW! Super idea, guys! 

    I will try participate in DM, but I think my ping not so good.

    And one question - max amount of players in the map?

    hf :P

  • Jimmy   

    You can play as long as you have a spot in the server :) We will be doing roughly 3 full maps.

  • Tanel Tamme   

    I am so ready!

  • Jimmy   

    Let's have some fun tomorrow!

  • SynzreaM   

    I am ready :D

  • Fade   

    Playing for 5 years for this moment :DD

  • Jimmy   

    Thanks to everyone who came out to participate. It looks like we may need to do this region based in the future :P 

  • STU   

    got damn slept thru it

  • SomPitonov   

    So fun deathmatch was yesterday @Jimmy!

    Yes, I would like to see it on a regular basis and every time will be different 3 maps (in general there are many more maps)
    Even as an idea of the approaching new year, there are winter versions of maps: overpass, mirage, cobblestone and ect.

    This will add a bit of New Year's mood!

  • aaksoglu   

    Why I am so late to catch these moments? It always happens...

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