Made it here from PewDiePie's stream



  • Rook81   

    You're in the right place friend! That's the CEO of DLive - Charles Wayn. DLive is a new streaming platform that is very giving and community driven. Content creators are rewarded through donations with a cryptocurrency called LINO and can cash out through PayPal or Bitcoin. LINO is the blockchain that the platform runs off of, you can find info on it here -> New people are joining daily from Twitch, Mixer and YouTube because of how great this platform is. You'll find the community and staff very friendly and eager to answer any questions that you may have.

    I also watched some of that stream today, made me want to go back and install Oblivion!

  • Jimmy   

    That was awesome! For anyone who missed it, here's a few screen captures.

    Not everyone will understand this hashtag but... #InKentWeTrust 

  • Hellinator   

    Yeah that was awsome .And welcome to Dlive @Murphy Boltrom  

  • Hellinator   

    Also looking forward to see PewDiePie hop on board with Dlive.


  • Cheech   


  • SomPitonov   

    Yep, if PewDiePie come to Dlive that will join so many viewers

  • Megy   

    #InKentWeTrust This is beautiful, especially the gesture toward those kids! 

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